Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Unglamorous Beginning

I've been talking about starting a food blog for nearly 3 months now, which is a long time to be all talk and no action. So when I created my blog yesterday my first instinct was to wait until I actually moved to Melbourne before posting, especially considering my idea was for a kind of new - to - Melbourne food guide. But that's still more talk and still no action isn't it? Like saying you'll start going to the gym next week. So here it is, the first posting.

It was my turn to cook in the share house last night and to be thrifty I used up some sausages left over from the weekend's party. This is where the unglamorous part comes in. There were no gourmet sausages, no lamb and rosemary or tomato and garlic, just humble coles BBQ sausages. I often tell my workmates what meals I have planned and yesterday many turned up their noses at curried sausages. But these were Thai curried sausages.

What made them Thai was some red curry paste and coconut milk. I wont include the recipe, but imagine you're cooking a humble red curry with sausage chunks instead of chicken or beef strips. Stir in a little powdered french onion soup and follow with the standard red capsicum and coriander and you're done! (And yes, I admit it, that's parsely not coriander in the picture and I did serve it with some pasta floating around the cupboard instead of something a little more Thai. As I said, it was a meal of resourcefulness.)

I feel like my first posting should be short and snappy so people don't get bored by this new kid on the block, but the dubious beginning doesn't stop there. Last night I also tried to finish making some brownies that I had begun on Sunday. I'd mixed the dry ingredients but stopped when I realised I had no eggs. I resumed last night by adding the wet ingredients to the dry and it was only as I was scraping the mixture into the tin that I realised this brownie had left behind it's sugar. It was a very close call and I spent the next 5 minutes kneading the sugar into the mixture. I do like baking, but I'm quite prone to baking disasters.

I'm sure I will blog about many more in the future!

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Thankful housemate said...

The brownies were awesome!