Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tom Phat, Brunswick

Oh Blog, how rude am I to leave you repeatedly for a week at a time without posting. I promise to try harder. I think I am suffering from Blogger's Block. I have little inspiration at the moment to document the great food I've been eating. I'm not worried by this. Other bloggers seem to go through the same ebbs and flows and always come back out on top. There's a few of us around who are toning down the writing a bit, and I think it's because of the weather. Sitting behind a computer is not my favourite thing to do when it's sunny outside. Then again, it might not be blogger's block, perhaps just poor time management. It's already past 10 pm and I am hoping to get up bright and early for the gym tomorrow morning. As I write this I still need to pack some clothes for such madness and pack a lunch for work. Ok, so that's no big deal in the scheme of life, I know the mother's out there are tut tutting and wondering how I would ever survive time management as a parent. I'm sure you're probably right, but it's not really a worry as I don't intend on having a family anytime soon.
So from writers blog to time management to kids (?) I seem to have strayed off the topic of food. Since my last post I have participated in our 2nd Ironchef lunch, dined here at Tom Phat, feasted at Bar Lourinha and made some little free-form lemon curd tartlets. I can only hope to recap over the next few days. Other delights include marinated, butterflied leg of lamb at G&Ts house, a picnic at Point Lonsdale and an icecream in Queenscliff.

I won't start with Ironchef because, frankly I can't remember the proper name of what Foges cooked. And I can't get it wrong now can I? I can tell you how it was a delightful late lunch which started in sunshine and ended in rain. The rain came right about the time S-bo and I realised we needed to be at Sydney Road for dinner. Nothing a rude exit and a quick cab ride couldn't fix.
Here's where the bottle of wine consumed over lunch starts to cloud my memory. We ate duck spring rolls, salt and pepper calamari, Panang curry and two other stir fries. How's that for detail huh? I can say with some certainty that I enjoyed out little visit to Tom Phat. Here is something close to the Thai of my uni days, dressed up in stylish surroundings. On a rainy night such as our visit, Tom Phat's dimly lit decor is quite enveloping and I would have been very comfortable on my bench seat for quite some time.

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Peter said...

Hi Ali

We all go through highs and lows with blogging. I constantly seem to be trying to catch up. Having a food blog is not easy. You need to cook or visit a restaurant and then present photographic evidence to the masses. But remember we do if or love.
I see we're both in Thai Food mode at the moment. Tom Phat sounds great and I hope to get a chance to visit it soon when I get to Melbourne.
Keep up the good work. You have a great writing style and this certainly comes out in your posts.

Ali-K said...

Thank you Peter, your kind words are very encouraging. I'm off to have Thai tonight. My flatmate swears she knows a place that is bound to resemble the cheapo thai that I love, and you probably hate. ;-)

Peter said...

Ali, let me clarify. I think you may have misinterpreted. Going to Bangkok on a regular basis only fuelled my desire for Thai food more. Whether it was Thai food in Newtown or Double Bay it didn't matter in the end. Neither did price become a factor in all of this.

I was concerned about authenticity and taste. For my taste buds (and remember this is different for everyone) I just found the majority of places to be serving over the top sweet Thai food.

Like anything, with time this has improved. Hope that helps to clarify.

Ali-K said...

Peter, I hope I didn't offend. My ability to interpret and describe the preferences of my tastebuds is developing over time. I hope this clarifies from my end. My latest post might clarify further too.

And indeed, you should visit TomPhat next time you're down here, I think it's got it's authenticity down pat and has great food and a great vibe.