Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Kitchen

Well after nearly a month of coming and going I'm finally back. For a week at least. My last few week's worth of eating has consisted of lean cuisine microwave meals. I began buying ingredients for simple salads but cooking for 1, for 1 night only seems to result in a lot of wastage. So pre-packaged food it was. The delights of tandoori chicken, butter chicken, frozen lasagne and beef stir fry have finally taken their toll and it is with glee that I step back into my kitchen.

This afternoon is ironchef 4, and I must apologise to McFly as I haven't written up his lunch from a few weeks ago. I will post the photos soon. I am tasked with dessert today whilst S-bo is cooking the entree and main. I can't possibly tell you in advance what he is cooking, however on the dessert front I have been up to my elbows in melted chocolate and gloopy, gloppy, glorious double cream. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end, my kitchen is currently mid-dessert, with chocolate and egg white everywhere! Rather than proceed through the mid-cook wash up, I thought I'd come and post.

All this travel does make me wonder how people who do it all the time manage. The only way I could stay healthy and not break my bank account was to resort to the lean cuisine. How do others do it? Surely you can't live on lean cuisine for too long. I certainly couldn't. Healthy fast food can be ridiculously expensive and yet, as I mentioned, trying to prepare healthy meals intermittently was resulting in much food wastage. Of course there's always the old casserole in the freezer trick, but who has time to cook all of that up whilst packing and organising for impeding trips?

Where have I been you might ask? Well it's been a combination of party weekends away and work trips. The engagement party of N1 and N2 was a particular highlight up in Goondiwindi (South Western QLD). I finally had the opportunity to sample Corish lamb from the lamb feed-lot N2's family runs, and it was delicious. If only I was not too busy having a good time to record the sensational catering at the party. The following weekend saw a trip to the Dunkeld Races in Victoria. As picnic races we went well prepared with French Sparkling Wine and chicken salads. Such a great day and we did feel particularly gourmet amongst the sausage sizzles (although I do love a sausage sizzle....)

Anyway, I guess I should go finish this dessert.


kazari_lu said...

The travel thing makes cooking hard, doesn't it? the only friend i know who does it with any success, stops at the shops on the way home every day.
he buys only enough for that night, and cooks exactly what he feels like.
he does spend a bit more on groceries than i do...

Ali-K said...

I admire your friend's efforts. That's serious willpower!