Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas feasting wrap-up

Christmas has come and gone just as quickly as it does every year. No doubt gyms across the country are having a surge in membership applications as people reflect on all the goodness that they ate. I declared to Mum that she shouldn’t have to cook for only 3 people again and so we treated ourselves to a Christmas lunch outing (well, Mum and Dad treated me). We all decided that 3 people or 30, the cleaning up would be the same so lets just not. Mum still got into the spirit and cooked a rolled loin of pork two days before as well as chicken breast stuffed with fetta and wrapped in proscuitto. Yummo.

Christmas eve saw us pack up the presents and head to Opal Cove in Coffs Harbour and the next day we ate ourselves silly at the Christmas Buffet. There are a few photos which I hope to post soon but they don’t do the spread justice. We started with prawns, oysters, smoked salmon, smoked trout, calamari, crab and snapper. Mum was so impressed with the prawns that I’m not sure she made it to the turkey. There was a vast array of cold meats and pates and of course the traditional roast Christmas lunch. Of everything I was particularly taken by the smoked trout, the calamari and the turkey with a thyme jus, whilst Dad raved about the roast beef. Still, it didn’t end there. We had the obligatory piece of warm pudding with a great brandy kick, covered in custard and a myriad of other desserts. As it was a buffet, and a Christmas Buffet at that, we decided we really should sample all the desserts, which is exactly what we did. French Christmas log, chocolate mudcake, lemon meringue pie and cheesecake all landed on our table for just a little nibble.

All this food was then followed by wine and cheese on the terrace, overlooking the resort pool. If it wasn’t Christmas we would’ve shown much more restraint. Honest. I knew I was in trouble when I decided to have a dip at 5 pm and had to leave the pool because I felt I’d sink.

But that wasn’t all for my Christmas feasting. Two weeks earlier it was my turn to host the 5th and final Ironchef for the year. Between us we decided it had to be a bit of a Christmas celebration. As one of my themes was French I thought it a perfect time to cook Buche de Noel.

Whilst mine wasn’t as perfectly rolled as our buffet version, I was quite proud of it. I write about dessert first because that’s what I had to make first. This was actually a frozen Buche de Noel and therefore had to be made the day before. I’ve never rolled sponge before and I didn’t consider the implications of this until the sponge broke and softend ice cream oozed out everywhere. What can one do? I simply squished it together as best I could and shoved it back in the freezer. I’m not sure if I broke any rules doing this but the very next day I pushed chunks of ice cream into the sponge by hand, just to give it more of a rounded appearance.

Of course we ate entrée and main before dessert. Westie produced a mouth-watering mushroom lasagna to start. Honestly we probably could’ve skipped straight from entrée to dessert, not to mention the cheese our guest V brought, but in true Christmas style we had to eat our absolute limits.

Lamb cutlets on the bbq formed the basis for strawberry, lamb and feta salad, with sides of kumera crumble and warm zucchini and almond salad. So overall lunch went pretty smoothly, something tells me I wouldn’t be so lucky if I tried turkey. I find something comical about the idea of such a big bird fitting into any of the small baking trays I own. Next year maybe…..


Truffle said...

What beautiful Christmas fare. Thanks for sharing.

Ali-K said...

Thanks Truffle. Perhaps I should have made "write more" my new years resolution, I've been moaning about not writing enough for far too long.

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