Monday, October 25, 2010


A bon voyage coffee with a friend heading to Europe landed me at Spoonful a few weeks ago. The spoon was well and truly full but, by fluke of timing, we scored a seat at the front communal table, which we shared with families, book readers and posies. A late breakfast would have been acceptable but, having diligently eaten my weetbix and toast earlier in the morning, I headed towards the cake cabinet and eyed off a conservative serve of biscotti which rested politely beside a flamboyant chocolate roulade.

Fortunately my Europe-bound friend's delight at the roulade's presence convinced me that perhaps I could splash out a little. Langers had apparently been to Spoonful before just to try the Chocolate Roulade, only to find it unavailable.

I had long-forgotten the delights of morning (or afternoon) coffee and cake. Sweet, silky chocolate cream, fresh strawberries and chewy chocolate meringue at Spoonful certainly reminded me and I was glad to be sharing this; not just because the serve was so generous, but because such deliciousness should surely be discussed and enjoyed with others.
543 High St
(03) 9521 4807

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Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Wow! How good does that chocolate meringue look. Absolutely awesome!