Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golden Fields

Ok, so I don't write often. I'm just beginning to realise that this is ok, so today I'm not going to make any promises that I'll write more often. Instead I'll promise to write whenever I feel like it!

Why am I writing again? For starters, Once a Waitress mentioned my blog in one of her recent posts about Friends of Mine prompting a desire to write again. For seconds, I was lucky enough to head to Golden Fields last night-what more inspiration do I need? (Apparently a lot, because this post is taking a while and I'm struggling to articulate the amazing evening I had).

The much anticipated addition to Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc quietly opened its doors last week, revealing super clean lines and serious attention to detail - and that's just the fit-out. We particularly loved the contrast of black chairs and towering lamps against white tiling and marble. Far from being an immediate attack of extraordinary, Golden Fields revealed its quirks to us gradually. The chicken's feet coat hooks emerged pretty quickly but it wasn't until halfway through the evening that I saw the blue grouting and taps in the bathroom. Why blue? Not sure but it definitely creates a talking point (or is it just females that talk about the bathrooms?)

The food was no surprise; it was seriously good. Far from analysing every dish for the purpose of a blog post, I simply sat back and enjoyed. Standouts for me included a Kumamoto oyster served with fresh wasabi, sauteed mushrooms with poached duck egg and braised Blackmore brisket, rump cap, wasabi butter and garlic shoots. What fascinated me most were the differing perceptions around our table. The "spicy as" braised runner beans gave a serious kick to noone but me, while the sauteed mushrooms, with duck egg richness that I loved so much were a little salty for another. Overall, the food has McConnell's trademark ability to intrigue and satisfy. It's an extensive menu divided into raw, to start, salads & vegetables and meat & fish. After all the delights we sampled (I've given a mere snapshot), I'm surprised we made it to dessert but super glad. Predictably, the peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate rocked all socks but the real adventure was found in the green tea ice cream, pumpkin and liquorice. Yup, pumpkin. And don't forget to look for hints of refreshing ginger hiding behind the lime in the black sesame, lime and yoghurt creation.

According to metlink journey planner, I can probably get from my house to Golden Fields in a mere 20 minutes. Something tells me this could become a habit.

(As a side note, and on a housekeeping front, I dined with a vegan and a coeliac who were both easily accommodated).

Golden Fields
157 Fitzroy St
St Kilda

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