Saturday, August 04, 2007

My flatmate is trying to kill me.....

With heart disease that is..... As I mentioned earlier, I have recently celebrated a birthday. In aid of the celebration Flatmate generously made me a birthday cake. It was a big surprise. I had to choose the main ingredient (chocolate, of course) and the est was a mystery. After a sport of birthday shopping I came home to this:

The richest chocolate cheesecake I have ever experienced. We’re still working our way through it, one week later. After having N1 & N2 visit and then my parents I was feeling like I’d been eating and drinking a little too much and was planning a health kick. Chocolate cheesecake has postponed that somewhat. Someone has to eat it. Said cake contains: 150 g butter, 450 g dark chocolate, 675 g cream cheese and 1 ½ cups sour cream. Flatmate assures me she used low fat options but I’m not so sure…it all tastes pretty full-fat and divine to me.

In addition to cheesecake there was “late cake” to be made and eaten. Everyone who bakes knows what late cake is, even if they don’t use that name. Late cake is when you are cooking a cake for the next day. You might be taking it to work or preparing it for a friend’s birthday and before you know it you’re pulling it out of the oven at 10 pm and hoping like hell it cools soon so you can ice it. My mother is a queen of late cake. Heading off to boarding school or back to uni I would request some form of baked goods. However I would also request help packing my bags, doing my washing, mending that jumper, hemming those pants and so on. Poor mum would participate in late cake after all that just so I had something to nibble on during the first week.

Late cake this time was Stephanie Alexander’s banana cake, as posted about previously and a caramel mud. The banana cake, though cooked from the same recipe and for the same length of time was a completely different colour and texture to last time. I rarely measure the amount of banana, just throw in 2 or 3 that are looking sad on my bench. As for caramel mud, this is an old favourite of mine that never used to work out at home. Mum’s oven was not the best for baking which made it a seldom-rewarded gamble. But this time it worked and was extremely popular at work (everyone provides cake on their birthday and eats everyone else’s year round) despite being perhaps the sweetest cake I’ve made ever. As you would expect given the quantities of brown sugar required for caramel!

So this week it’s on to that health kick for me. Less butter, more vegies and I’m sure my body will thank me for it. That’s after I fill it with (late) birthday drinks this evening. And then I promise to be good. Really…..

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