Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Food Shopping

I have a new weekend routine. Well, I call it a routine but I’ve only done it twice. I intend to make it a routine, how’s that? Last weekend I wandered from the South Melbourne Markets to St Ali and realised how very close the two are. So this weekend I collected my groceries from the markets, strolled up Coventry St via Chefs Hat and the Hardware store to pick up some supplies, and then sat and had coffee and toast at St Ali with S-bo. I’ve taken to going to the markets quite early to avoid the crowds. I love the bustling feel of the place when it’s busy and you have all the time in the world but when you’re in a hurry it’s terribly tempting to use that green bag as a battering ram just to get what you need. Best to go when it’s quiet really.

When I put it into words it seems like a terribly dull routine. But it’s a great feeling buying fresh ingredients bright and early on a Saturday then enjoying a leisurely stroll past some great homewares stores, only to be rewarded with excellent coffee at the end.


Ed said...

It's not a dull routine. Or maybe I'm dull finding buy fresh stuff from the markets exciting - as well as St Ali coffee.

Ali-K said...

Thanks Ed. You're not dull at all for enjoying fresh food shopping. And I guess I should be smacked on the knuckles for declaring St Ali coffee dull. It is the best coffee I've found in Melbourne.