Friday, June 22, 2007

Flourless Orange Cake II

Well, I had another crack! Luckily there were still some oranges leftover from Bulk to make this cake a second time round. Regular readers will remember my oven woes and associated unsuccessful attempt a short time ago. The recipe can be found by following the link, but it basically entails boiling up the oranges for 2 hours and then processing, skin and all with some eggs. It's quite an easy recipe to make, but my oven is poor at the best of times and has a particular dislike for anything flourless. Perhaps it's watching it's weight and knows the evils of almond meal!

To speed cooking time and thus decrease over-browning I cooked the same quantity of batter in 2 tins, making for a much shallow cake. The resulting "fingers" looked perfect for a sophisticated afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches. Instead S-bo, flatmate and I ate them with ice-cream. The cake was very moist, I'm not sure if it's how it should be or whether the oven imprinted it's mark afterall. It made for a beautiful dessert but after a few days the pieces I took as snacks to work were getting a little soggy, rather than moist. It did brown a little on the sides, but nothing drastic. The citrus taste is very strong, I guess because of the peel. Overall I think this cake has a lot of possibilities, but I'll leave it for now, at least until I have a better oven. I'll stick with an orange buttercake recipe I have, which tends to turn out pretty well.

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